Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Nintendo DS Lite case mod

Many years ago, I bought a white Nintendo DS Lite.  I loved the form factor, the look of it and the games I could play on it.  There were a lot of games for it, and for the GameBoy Advance which I already had which I'd love to play on it.

Over time, I've gotten a R4DS card so I could play homebrew (yeah, let's go with that) and use it as a kind of PDA type of thing. I also got an EZFlash V for the same reasons. For homebrew. Because that's still a thing, right?  (The screenshot above shows the R4DS interface, which I've re-skinned to like AmigaDOS 1.3 because that's something I do.

Anyway, at some point, I got a completely transparent shell for it, which was really neat for a while.  It was a pain to move the guts over to that shell, but it looked neat for a while.  Then The upper screen failed and the touch scanner failed on the bottom.  So I replaced those.  Then the right shoulder button failed, so I replaced that... which never really worked well, as the button broke off of the main board. There just wasn't enough structure there to support it.

Fast forward a few years, and I picked up a European black DS Lite in a trade for some old GBA stuff I didn't want anymore.  That one worked GREAT, except that the screen hinge was completely destroyed.  I used that for a while, but ended up shelving it.

For a while I've been meaning to take the best parts of all of this and put together one fully functional DS Lite.

I had planned to take the top screen from the black unit, but the ribbon cable broke while I was removing it from that unit.

What I ended up with was this:
  • Case enclosures - White
  • Top and shoulder buttons, switch cover plastics - Black
  • Upper Screen - White (replacement, colors aren't perfect on it, but it's good)
  • Lower Screen - Black
  • Motherboard - Black
  • Battery - Black
  • Wifi Antenna - Black (The cable was broken on the white one)
  • Rubber feet, screw covers - Black
  • Stylus - White (Black one is on order)
I think the final form here is pretty sharp.  Best of all, it's fully functional again! Yay!

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