Thursday, January 24, 2013

D15 Stepper Motor Reset Fix

One minor change I just figured out to my stepper motor to Arduino project from before, in relation to the wiring for the reset portion of the circuit.  I was having issues with programming these, once the Arduino firmware was on.  They wouldn't always reset properly when sending down new firmware via the Arduino interface.  I just looked at the circuit for the Arduino itself, and realized that a 10kΩ pullup resistor was missing from the circuit.

All of the circuits on the main page, as well as on the daisy chained serial project need to have the 10kΩ resistor added for proper functionality.  The resistor is essentially tied from +5 volts to the reset pin, pin 4 of the D15 connector.   It's a cheap and easy fix, which lets these things work oodles better!

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